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Our mission
- We can contribute to the success of your international company by helping find, through conducting assessments in your company, a person with potential and capability who is best suited for a position, or by at least introducing the best-suited candidate, and raising the skill level of your human resources.- We will work to firmly establish human-resource management in Japan, and take a leadership role in improving t he skill sets of medical professionals so that they can make full use of the latest technology in the workplace .-We are a professional organization determined to lead you to success, using the best resources and making full use of leading-edge methods, knowledge, and technologies.

Our Vision
Besides helping your international company select/recruit human resources that will best suit your business goals, as a revolutionary management consultant, we can plan, make proposals on, and implement various business models, as well as offer training. Through those activities, we contribute to improvement of the skill sets of industry professionals and their adaptation to the latest high-technology in the workplace and improvement of skill levels of human resources in your company, thus playing a unique role in securing your success.

Our Values
Respect: We try to find value in everyone and everything. Integrity: As professionals, we respect ethics, are honest with everybody, and keep our promises. Accountability: We will always be accountable.

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