Message from Keiko Mizuno, Chief Executive Officer of Keisho. Global Resources Management Inc.

Keisho Global Resource Management Inc., dedicated to helping develop professionalism among people in the solution fields, was established in December 2003 as a Japanese company that meets global standards. We believe that the mission of people in the all industries in the world is to prevent and heal diseases of human minds and bodies, using the best resources and searching for every possibility. Since our foundation, we have made steady efforts to integrate leading-edge scientific knowledge into our business, keeping up with the global standards. In the future, we will untiringly continue to seek out and offer you the results of leading R&D on human-resource development in the world and the philosophy behind them, along with practical solutions. Our management policy is "improvement of value," and we will pursue it under the management philosophy "Respecting people." As a symbol of the cycle of ethics and reliability, we will make every effort to support you.

Keiko Mizuno, Chief Executive Officer

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