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Realizing every possibility Drawing on the best resources in the world and being accountable

Training and Consulting
(1) Analyzing current problems and needs
(2) Narrowing down the points to be ameliorated (recognition of a gap between the ideal and reality)
(3) Providing consultation and/or training to reach a goal

Customization according to your needs, at the individual or company level
(1) Considering the unique culture, organization, system, and human resources of your company, as well as the uniqueness and value of the individual
(2) Follow-up for a certain period
(3) Conducting self-counseling sessions, if necessary

Professional consultants with a broad range of experience
(1) Experienced professionals in the Human Resources and Development fields
(2) Professionals experienced in consulting and/or training in companies
(3) MBA holders, or appropriate consultants/trainers, who will meet the needs of your company

1.Searching for professional human resources with strong management skills (management search) and human-resource organization.

 In our management searches, through our own search routes, we help you find and recruit capable people who will meet the needs of your company. In our human-resource organization, according to the needs of your company as you develop your business throughout the world, we will present the best-suited applicants. As a human-resource development consultant, we will also find capable people you need in each field, fully assessing each candidate's strong points and potential, in cooperation with your personnel department, help to develop human resources that will contribute to your future business development and add to the vitality of your organization.

2. Training and Performance Support

 We help clarify problems in the workplace, and from a variety of viewpoints, we help medical professionals develop more sophisticated professional consciousness and competency needed for people, companies, and society so that they can feel their success from the bottom of their hearts in the workplace.
・ Customized programs
・ Hearing
・ Assessment
・ Operational support and project proposals for various operations
- Structuring and operating a training program
- Adjusting the consistency between human-resource programs and training programs
- Adjusting the remuneration program for sales operations
- Process management for reaching the company's goals
- Reinforcement of related support systems
- Improvement of cost performance, etc.
・ Various training programs
- Legal and ethical sense and interpersonal skills in the medical field (For details, refer to our leaflets or brochures.)

3. Planning, organizing, and implementing a business model

 We can propose a business model best suited for your company, and our professionals can support implementation of the business model to make it work.
- Business models for organizing a system that is best suited for the stage of development of your company or an individual
- Business models for creating a corporate culture in which ethics and cooperation are respected

4. Consulting and counseling

From consulting on human resource programs to individual counseling, we can support you from a variety of aspects to fulfill the human resource goals of your company: - Career counseling for individuals - Supporting company counseling activities or conducting counseling on behalf of the company - Consulting on management and human-resources programs as part of a human-resource strategy - Consulting on risk management - Coaching through counseling for human-resource development, etc.

5. Development of Training & Promotion Tools

We can support development of training tools tailored to your company's need, from interpersonal skills to product knowledge. We can also support development of promotional tools for pharmaceutical products.

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